Extra functionality in Windows Mobile

The operating system Microsoft has created for mobile devices, Windows Mobile, is a multi-tasking system. This is its principal advantage compared to the competitor system (PalmOS).

Although the memory available on mobile phones is still limited, it is impossible to shut down an application in order to release memory, without a 3rd party tool. Unfortunately Microsoft do not provide any built-in tool allowing to exploit this functionality.

xBar fills this gap on Windows Smartphones.

xBar offers the following functionalities:

  • Switching from one application to another easily
  • Allows to shut down an application
  • Automatic memory cleaning system
  • Programmable tasks such as play an MP3 at a given time
  • Copy/Paste between applications
  • To launch an application via a shortkey

A handy little tool which improves on the default functions available on your Smartphone.



xBar 2.6